Telecommunications Infrastructure

Based upon our knowledge and experience of voice, data, cellular, VoIP, video and surveillance systems, CIT has developed and designed an extraordinary cabling infrastructure product specifically tailored for developers and owners of high rise, Type "A" and "B" demographic, residential Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) and commercial Multiple Tenant Unit (MTU) properties. CIT has been involved in the design, construction and overall project management of voice, data, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems, voice messaging systems, building intercom systems, keyless entry systems and video systems for prestigious Type 'A' demographic MDU properties in New York City such as Trump World Tower, Trump 502 Park Avenue, Trump 502 Park Avenue, 515 Park Avenue Condominiums, Trump 610 Park Avenue Condominiums, West Perry Street Condominiums and The 219 West 19th Street Condominiums and Dance Theatre Workshop. CIT has also been contracted to design and install the voice and high-speed data infrastructure requirements for the Federal Government's Dept. of Education offices located at 75 Park Place, NYC, as well as other prestigious firms such as The Blackstone Group, The Vortex Group, The Westbury House and the Law firm of Pollack, Pollack, Issac & DeCicco, LLP, kate spade LLC, 610 Park Avenue Condominiums, Cedar Petrochemicals and Ken Sunshine Consultants to design and construct state-of-the-art PBX, voice messaging, high-speed data, as well as video and surveillance solutions.

CIT can demonstrate the means by which to effectively ensure the integrity, manageability and security of their building-owned telecommunications infrastructure. In addition, CIT can demonstrate a potential means of deriving recurring revenues for building owners from their telecommunications infrastructure investment. After all, service providers who market to and deliver their products and services to these MDU and MTU properties will ultimately utilize this infrastructure.


CIT identifies Clients who have opted to either building new, or renovate Type 'A' or Type 'B' demographic commercial and / or residential properties. CIT then markets their secure telecommunications cabling infrastructure design to these potential Clients. Following the installation of the infrastructure cabling, CIT negotiates maintenance agreements with property owners and property management companies who opt to have our company maintain their respective telecommunications infrastructure.
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CIT can negotiate agency programs with key providers of voice, high-speed data and video solutions such as Verizon, AT&T, Broadview Networks, COVAD, DIRECTV, Dish Network, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) and Independent Companies (ICOs) for the delivery of cost-effective communications products and services to these MDU and MTU properties, while profit sharing with the owners of each respective MDU and MTU property.


CIT is committed to providing an all-inclusive, totally secured cabling infrastructure solution to accommodate both today's technologies, as well as those of tomorrow. Aside from the design aspects of a project, CIT budgets time solely for purposes of ensuring the underlying security of the design. We are committed to ensuring that every aspect of the infrastructure has been considered prior to the final cabling design, engineering and cable route is mapped and overlaid onto the owner provided architectural and electrical floor plans. CIT personnel meet with architectural firms and engineering firms to assist in mapping out communications conduit routes that reduce potential points of failure including the possible security breach that is inherent in most communications cabling infrastructure designs.

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