Surveillance Solutions

For the past several years, Collective Infrastructure Technology (CIT) has been offering surveillance applications to both our commercial and residential Clients. CIT specialized in streaming captured video to our off site redundant servers, storing video for immediate Client access and providing remote access to real time video and stored video from virtually any location and any Smart device with a broadband connection. Our Clients require no on-site equipment to be monitored and/or maintained such a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Network Video Recorder (NVR), or Video Server.

Utilizing CIT's secure portal, Clients are provided the ability not only to view real time and stored video, but to restrict access to their internal and/or external users based upon differing levels of security. Notifications can be sent to account users via text message and/or e-mail based upon motion sensitivity and other available triggers. CIT offers remote video storage from 7 to 90 continuous days.

Contact us at or via the Contact Page to get in touch with a team member, obtain additional information and discuss your company’s requirements and options.

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