Hosted VoIP Application

Collective Infrastructure Technology (CIT) is now offering a Hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol application, more commonly referred to as "Hosted VoIP", to both our commercial and residential Clients. CIT utilizes off site redundant servers which are located within four (4) separate, secure data centers across the US. Our hosted application includes a secure portal for Client access to their individual account(s).

CIT offers various service plans, all of which are cost effective and provide the most common and widely requested and utilized mobility features such as desktop to mobile device twinning. Fees are based upon bandwidth allocation and number of users. There is no requirement for Clients to expend rather large, up front capital costs for separate Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone system equipment to take up space and power and to be monitored and maintained. The expenditure is limited to Session Initiation Protocol commonly known as “SIP Phones”, and a Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switch which is interconnected to either the Client provided Router / Firewall device or a Broadband service provider's Router / Firewall device.

Contact us at or via the Contact Page to get in touch with a team member, obtain additional information and discuss your company’s requirements and options.

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